The Bangladesh Society of Agricultural Engineers is absolutely a non-political Society of Agricultural Engineering profession that includes (but not limited to) Irrigation & Water Management, Farm Power & Machinery, Agro-processing, Food Engineering, Environmental Engineering. Bio-Engineering and Rural Development Engineering.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To promote and advance the Agricultural Engineering science, practice and business to build better Bangladesh and better World.
2. To promote efficiency and assist in maintaining high standards in the Agricultural Engineering practices and profession.
3. To safeguard and uphold the rights and privileges of its members and motivate them to perform their obligations in the way of national, social, individual, moral/ ethical and professional upliftment.
4. To Foster cooperation, solidarity and follow feeling amongest the members of the Society; and enrich mutual understanding and professional interest among individuals concerned with Agricultural Engineering and related science and technology.
5. To render possible services for all round development of Agricultural Engineering Education, Research and Extension in the country.
6. To help the Government and other concerned agencies recognize problems of agricultural development and of the farmers and suggest appropriate measures for their solutions.
7. To Foster cooperation and understanding with other professional organizations at home and abroad for mutual benefits and fulfilling the Aims and Objectives of the Society.
8. Sponsorship and/or organization of holding seminars, debates, symposia, exhibitions and other literary activities including Annual General Meeting/Conference of the society.
9. Dissemination of Agricultural Engineering knowledge by organizing short courses/training and publishing scientific journals and other publications of the society.
10. To grant awards, medals and prizes to its members or outstanding Agricultural Engineers for extraordinary performances.
11. To do all such other acts and deeds as are incidental and conducive to the aims and objectives of the Society.