Eligibility for Membership

Any person who is a national of Bangladesh by birth or domiciled in Bangladesh and having the qualification as mentioned in Section 8; and any corporation, commercial firm or unincorporated association in sympathy with the purposes and cooperating with the aims and objectives of the Society shall be eligible for membership in accordance with the constitution and rules and regulations to be in effect from time to time. There shall be no limit to the number of members.  

Subscription for Members and Procedures for Payment

1. The members and the associate members shall pay the annual subscription by the 30th (March) of each calendar year. If however, any unforeseen additional expenditure is to be incurred in addition to the budget allocation, the members may be requested for an additional contribution. The amount shall be decided by the Council and approved in the next General Meeting.
2. The members may either pay the subscription in person or send it by post to the Treasurer or his representative.
3. The amount of new enrolment fee and the annual subscription of the Society membership shall be fixed as defined by the Council from time to time.
4. Any donation/grant from a person/government/national or foreign agency for the welfare of the Society may be accepted subject to the approval of the Council.