Eligibility for Membership

Any person who is a national of Bangladesh by birth or domiciled in Bangladesh and having the qualification as mentioned in Section 8; and any corporation, commercial firm or unincorporated association in sympathy with the purposes and cooperating with the aims and objectives of the Society shall be eligible for membership in accordance with the constitution and rules and regulations to be in effect from time to time. There shall be no limit to the number of members.  

We Have Different Types Of Membership.

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Any person having i) a bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering or ii) a master or PhD degree in Agricultural Engineering with bachelor degree in any other discipline of engineering or science is eligible to become a member.

Life Member

Any person who is a member of the Society or eligible for the membership can become a Life Member by paying the prescribed fee for life membership.

Associate Member

This category shall consist of persons who are interested in Agricultural Engineering or engaged in any profession related to Agricultural Engineering, but not eligible for membership. Any person having a degree in any other field of engineering, agriculture or science working in agricultural engineering related fields can be an associate member. Corporations, firms, associations or organizations interested in affiliation with the Society may also become associate members.

Associate Life Member

 A person or an organization that is an Associate Member or eligible for associate membership can become an Associate Life Member by paying the prescribed fee for associate life membership.

Student member

Students enrolled in a course of study leading to a degree (Bachelor/Master/PhD) in Agricultural Engineering are eligible for this category of membership. To be a student member the Master/PhD students must have a bachelor degree in engineering or science.

Honorary Member

Persons having exceptionally high reputation and significant contribution in the field of Agricultural Engineering or persons with high educational qualification and occupying a prominent position in any profession or society and made some noteworthy contribution to the science, engineering or any other discipline may be selected/ elected by the Council as the Honorary Member in recognition of their service to the cause of science or humanity. The conferment of this distinction may, in exceptional cases, be for life time.


Anybody who is a member of the Society or fulfills the conditions necessary for Membership, and have at least ten years experience in a position of responsibility can be a Fellow on payment of the prescribed fee for membership of this category (Fellowship).

Life Fellow

Persons eligible for ordinary fellowship can be Life Fellow by paying the prescribed fee for it.